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1. Click “add new identity provider and select “Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)”



2. Add an application in the Azure Portal

  • Click "Enterprise Applications"

  • Click the "New application" button on the top of the scree

  • In "Add from gallery", search for "Kantega":



  • Select the "Kantega SSO for JIRA" entry, choose a name, click "Add"


3. Configure Single Sign-on for the application

Click “Single sign-on in left menu:

Select "SAML-based Sign-on" as "Single Sign-on" mode in drop-down:

4. Configure URLs

In both the Identifier and Reply URL fields, add the following URL:



5. Download the Metadata XML file

 Under "SAML Signing Certificate", click the "Metadata XML" link to save it for use in the next step


Click "Save" in the top of the screen, then close the blade


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