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Testing/configuring the identity provider 

  • The test page is anonymously accessible. This means that the identity provider admin does not need to have JIRA access to perform the login test.

  • Open the login test URL in a private / incognito browser window and perform a test logon.

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The following shows a successful login test. 

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SSO test results

  • After a test logon is performed, go back to Test Results and select Results.

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  • Add the domain as a known domain.

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  • Choose the preferred SAML username attribute.
  • If a SAML username attribute matches an already existing user, the test will present the following message:

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Redirect mode

After setting up SSO choose a redirect mode that best fit your use case. 

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Users should now be able to log into JIRA using their Bitium account.


After finishing the wizard, you will be sent to the test pages for verification of your setup. Here, you may also perform the last configuration parts. Follow this generic introduction to the test pages and final configuration. AD FS is used as the example here.