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Browser sends an NTLM token instead of a Kerberos token


Improperly configured browsers will not reply with a Kerberos token. Monitoring software may also generate hits to this counter. The counter is reset with restart of the application. 

Other topics

Is there a way to avoid Kerberos from happening for a specific login even though I am using Kerberos?


This could be relevant if you want to log in to a non-Kerberos administrator account or if you want to avoid Kerberos on certain calls to your system.

We have turned on the "Disable traditional username/password login" feature and now needs to log into a local admin account using username and password. What do we do?

To be able to log in via username and password, you need to allow username and password again by disabling this feature. This is done by deleting the file <my-atlassian-product-home-folder>/kerberos/disable_username_password_login.txt. For certain Atlassian products like Bitbucket, the file is sometimes located in the folder <my-atlassian-product-home-folder>/shared/kerberos/disable_username_password_login.txt.