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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to add Ping Federate as an identity provider in JIRA using Kantega Single Sign-on.

Context: This setup guides assumes that Kantega SSO in installed as an add-on to your Atlassian product (JiraConfluenceBitbucketBamboo, or FeCru).

The setup starts in the Configuration page of the Kantega SSO add-on. This configuration page can be found by pressing "Configure" on "Kantega Single Sign-On (SSO)" in list of installed add-ons.

Adding an SP Connection in Ping Federate

Connection Type

Connection Options

Configuring Kantega Single Sign-on

Add identity provider


Import Metdata

Metadata Summary

General Info

Browser SSO

SAML Profiles

Assertion Lifetime

Assertion Creation

Identity Mapping

Attribute Contract

This step may be skipped if the user should noe be automatically created in JIRA

Extend the tract:Attribute Name Format

Authentication Source Mapping

Adapter Instance

Mapping Method

Attribute Contract Fullfillment

Issuance criteria

IDP Adapter Mapping Summary

Assertion Creation

Authentication Policy Contract

Manage Contracts

Contract Info

Contract Attributes

Extend the contract with the following attributes:

After adding the attributes, press Next

Authentication Policy Contract Summary

Authentication Policy Contracts

Selecting an Authentication Policy Contract

Mappping Method

Attribute Contract Fullfillment

Issuance Criteria

Authentication Policy Mapping Summary

Authentication Source Mapping 

Assertion Creation Summary

Assertion Creation

Protocol Settings

Assertion Consumer Service URL

Allowable SAML Bindings

Signature Policy

Encryption Policy

Protocol Settings Summary

Protocol Settings

Browser SSO


Digital Signature Settings

Manage Digital Sining Certificates

Create Certificate

Create Certificate Summary

Manage Digital Signing Certificates

Digital Signature Settings


Activation and Summary

Metadata Export

Metadata Mode

Connection Metadata

Metadata Signing

Export & Summary

Configuring Kantega Single Sign-on


Metadata import




Testing/configuring the identity provider

After finishing the wizard, you will be sent to the test pages for verification of your setup. Here, you may also perform the last configuration parts. Follow this generic introduction to the test pages and final configuration. AD FS is used as the example here.