Kantega Single Sign-on (SSO) gives you the easiest way to setup sso for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo and Cruicible.

The add-on provides support for two single sign-on protocols, Kerberos and SAML, and it provides connectors for synchronizing cloud user directories with Atlassian products.

It is possible to combine both Kerberos, SAML and manual login in the same solution


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See also our Kantega Single Sign-on FAQ


Kerberos SSO gives the end user access to Atlassian products without entering a user name and password. Kerberos is typically the preferred choice for Kerberos domains (such as Windows domains and Microsoft Desktop environments).

Kerberos is typically used in an enterprise LAN.

Configuring Kerberos Single Sign-on

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SAML is a standard that facilitates secure exchange authentication and authorization information. 

SAML allows users to login to the Atlassian products through third party identity providers. 

Configuring SAMLSingle Sign-on



Kantega SSO version 3 introduces the new Cloud connectors feature, that gets your Atlassian user directories synced to cloud directories.

Configuring Cloud Connectors