We understand that you sometimes can get caught up by unexpected obstacles.

Or you just want to make sure your setup is perfect. In any case, our team is on stand-by to provide the optimal single sign-on solution for your users.

Upgrade related tips currently active:

Upgrading to Jira 8 - important notice.

Using Azure user provisioning and upgrading to version 3.4.17 or newer?

What to include in a support query

Use our Customer Service Portal

 See above for what to include in a support query and file a support request through our customer service portal

Or send us an email

See above for what to include in a support query and send us a mail at atlassian.support@kantega.no

Or book a meeting with us

Use the calendar to book a meeting with us. In a meeting we may perform screen sharing either for you to show your setup, or for us to demonstrate how to set up our product. If you cannot see the calendar below, you can also find it here: https://kantega-sso.youcanbook.me/

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