This page shows the test and configration steps that follows after the SAML setup wizard finishes. AD FS is used as example here, but similar pages will be available also for the other SAML providers.

1: Testing the identity provider 

The test page is anonymously accessible. This means that the identity provider admin does not need to have JIRA access at all. 

You can also choose to be notified whenever there are test results available.

2: Run test in incognito window

To make certain your current login as administrator is not affecting the test, please open the given URL in an incognito/private browser window to run test:

Log into AD FS. If you are using another SAML IdP this login screen will be different.

3. SSO test results

The SSO Test results page serves the purpose of inspecting the SAML response, and choosing the preferred user name attribute.

Based on your user directory configuration, users may or may not already exist. If the SAML response contains all the required attributes, users can automatically be created.

The user was found in user directory "Active Directory server", and can authenticate using SAML.

The user was not found, but the SAML response contains all attributes needed to automatically create the user.

4. Redirect mode

After setting up SSO, choose a redirect mode that best fit your use case.